Industry solution

Everywhere the group communication is needed

Industry solution

Various entities like security guards, police officers, fire brigades, utility organizations are highly dependant in their daily work on reliable group communication. In addition, mobile data applications required by enterprises for their tasks cannot be used on traditional walkie talkie terminals.



Enhance safety and adopt to changing processes and day-to-day operations at the airport with instant group communication from GoPTT Solution. PTT provides integrated communication service for airports and offers:

  • No coverage limitation as in 2-way radios
  • Common groups for various airports located in different countries
  • Support and maintenance cost significantly reduced
  • One device for: group call, passport control, normal calls and other apps
  • Handsfree for PTT in noisy environment supported
  • All PTT users easily located on the map in real-time
  • Cooperation and smooth functioning of airline ground staff, security personnel, airport maintenance team connected to common groups configured according to their needs and responsibilities

Construction & Mining

Reliable communication solution required to provide safety and productivity to the whole team at the construction site can be easily provided with GoPTT service. Keep all operations under control with GoPTT to obtain:

  • Improved team coordination
  • Rugged terminals that go beyond IP67 standards to prove themselves in harsh conditions and noisy places.
  • Safe communication –private channels that allow group members to join, talk and listen
  • Truck drivers and employees at the construction site monitored on PTT Dispatcher
  • Priority calls for emergency situations
  • Service connected via WiFi that keeps you connected while reducing significantly cost of implementing new infrastructure for 2-way radios
  • Prevent incidents by being in constant contact with you team and simply pushing the button

Public safety

Police officers and fire brigades are highly dependent in their daily work on reliable group communication. Seamless critical communication are required to substitute outdated analogue radios with limited features, coverage and low data capacity. GoPTT service installed either on public or private LTE networks help public safety organizations to cooperate among different departments and agencies. GoPTT provides for them:

  • Advanced technology
  • Secure group and individual calling
  • Devices that help to reduce capital outlay
  • Customised solution integrated with other apps

Taxi & Transportation

Push-to-Talk with location integrated allows taxi agencies to monitor, track and keep in contact with drivers. Optimize the productivity by having your fleet connected and guarantee exceptional customer experience.

  • Drivers reached with a single press using handsfree car kit and remote PTT button
  • Different groups used according to areas/zones
  • Priority calls in case a taxi driver is attacked
  • Customer’s waiting time is reduced – nearest taxi found easily thanks to location in the PTT app
  • Accurate coordination and user’s tracking
  • Cost-effective communication service with advanced features

Delivery companies & Logistics

Cost control and customer expectations constantly rising are one of the challenges that logistic companies face nowadays. These factors trigger the organizations to go mobile in order to meet requirements of their clients and provide them with exceptional service. Additionally, drivers and dispatchers have to be in constant contact to be on time with all deliveries. GoPTT assists them in the daily operations by providing:

  • Extremely cost-effective communication solution
  • Advanced technology
  • Instant connection with drivers
  • Tracking users on the map
  • Instant messaging




GoPTT allows real-time communication to connect instantly and securely the care team. It also help to provide hospitals with staff efficiency and rapid help to patients.

  • Replace old and inefficient pagers
  • All members in hospitals can be assigned to different groups depending on their tasts
  • All members receive calls and messages with instructions from the control desk and can respond to them immediately – waiting time significantly reduced
  • A controller can immediately find out which porter is nearest to the required task enabling increased response times
  • When a porter is needed for patient that requires urgent assistance, he receives voice message immediately from the control desk
  • Emergency service team connected to the ambulance