Group call PTT

Group call

GoPTT provides group communication on mobile phones, tablets, and PC with a touch of a button. PTT provides half-duplex one-to-many calling unlike a normal phone calls. Call bursts last less than a minute on average allowing users to “get things done” quickly.

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GoPTT supports text messaging without the need for any additional equipment. Messaging integrated with the PTT app is a fast and efficient tool to provide information on standard situations, such as “package delivered” or “baggage collected”. It helps to get things done quickly and smoothly.

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Call recording

Call recording

Record automatically all voice calls and replay them when needed. This feature can be enable/disabled in the mobile GoPTT app settings. Calls are also recorded in the PTT Dispatcher client.

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Individual calls push to talk

GPS tracking

Monitor PTT users' position and get full history of their location and activity according the to the date.

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Industry solution

Industry solution PTT
  • Real-time group communication by just one press
  • Quick & secure voice messages to 250 users in one group!
  • Reduced voice and messaging costs
  • Improved productivity by reducing waiting time
  • Easy and practical in usage – half-duplex PTT calls are informal & business-focused
  • Users status and GPS position for location
  • Increased control by constant contact with your employees
  • User and group management via Web Administrator, handset or PC Dispatcher


  • Go PTT, based on IP technology, converts your mobile device into walkie-talkie. It brings Push-to-Talk service to smart phones, rugged devices, tablets, PDAs and PC.
  • GoPTT is perfect for brief and immediate conversations that help you get things done right away to improve workforce safety and coordination.
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Industry solution PTT

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